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Coming Soon!  You will be able to order online for either delivery or in-store pick up by September 6th.  If you would like your order delivered or you would like to pick up an order at our shop before then you can email us at info@NaturalPetFoodSolutions.com or call the shop at 971-373-8077.  

Welcome to Natural Pet Food Solutions located in the Sellwood neighborhood in S. E. Portland, Oregon.  We are your local source for natural pet food, pet supplies, treats, toys and gifts.  Our aim is to promote awareness and education of the importance of feeding the nutritional needs of our companion animals and us for a balanced and fulfilling life. 

Kristen and Katie Bear October 2011

It was my dream for twenty years to open a natural pet food store for our beautiful companion animals that specialized in healthy and holistic pet foods.

To prepare for the day I opened my first store I worked in the natural dog and cat food and pet supplies industry for twenty years.  I gained priceless pet nutrition knowledge while working for various natural and holistic pet food manufacturers.

We have been open for business more than six years, and we have helped many dog and cat owners find foods that help their animals thrive.

Do you have a nutritional challenge with your dog or cat?  If so, we have a food that can help lead your companion animal to good health.

We would love to meet you.  Stop in for a complimentary pet food consultation.


Natural Pet Food Solutions

7639 S.E. Milwaukie Ave., Portland, Oregon 97202.  

Located in the Sellwood neighborhood on the corner of Milwaukie Ave. and Malden St.

Phone:  971-373-8077